Marriage: Keeping it Real – Better Marriages Australia Conference 2019

Better Marriages Australia, NSW, is excited to announce details of our 2019 Better Marriages Australia Conference.

Photo of 2019 conference flyer with orange and green colour scheme and a young man and woman in relaxed pose together

Image of the front of the Better Marriages Australia 2019 Conference flyer

We invite you and your spouse to join us for this special experience.

Our theme for 2019 is Marriage: Keeping it Real.


The conference will be held at the Restore Church, Castle Hill NSW on August, 2019



Keynote Speakers

There will be three Keynote Presentations  at this year’s conference.

Head and shoulders photo of Heather and John McAlpine facing each other in a close and loving way

Heather and John McAlpine

Heather and John McAlpine will present a Keynote Presentation 1 “Fostering Friendship, Finding Forgiveness” – Essential Ingredients for Keeping it Real.

Heather (Relationship Therapist & best selling Co-Author) and John (Gerringong GP) have been leading Marriage events in Australia and overseas for over 30 years. They are Chair-couple and Trainer Couple for Better Marriages Australia.


Smiling close head and shoulders photo of Barry and Paula Davis

Barry and Paula Davis will present:
 Keynote Presentations 2 “Keeping Intimacy Real in the Seasons of Life” – Spring and Summer
Keynote Presentations 3 “Keeping Intimacy Real in the Seasons of Life” – Autumn

Barry and Paula Davis (married for 45 years) see themselves as an ordinary couple living through the highs and lows of married life.  They have designed relational tools and conducted workshops for married couples, both in Australia and overseas for 28 years.


There will also be 5 concurrent afternoon workshops from which you can choose, a conference dinner and after dinner presentations.   
Full program details are provided below.


How much will it cost to attend?

The conference cost will be $230 per couple, $200 for member couples which will include all meals and barista coffee (accommodation not included).


How do I register to attend?

You can register right here on this page using the form provided.  Just enter your first and last name and that of your spouse along with an email and phone contact in the spaces provided and then click the RSVP button.

Your registration details will be sent to our treasurer couple who will reply to your email providing a link to the page on this site where you can pay your couple registration costs by either Credit/Debit Card or by using your PayPal account.  

They will also request your afternoon concurrent workshop preferences, any special dietary requirements for lunch and dinner which you can provide by return email to the treasurer couple.


Over 50 couples attended last year’s conference so register soon to secure your place!

Members Discount

Better Marriages Australia members receive a $30 discount off the cost of the conference registration compared to couples who are not Better Marriages Australia members.  If you are not yet Better Marriages Australia, members, then for just $30 a year you and your partner can receive a discount on all biannual conferences and annual workshops you attend while members, as well as other membership benefits, including access to additional couple resources through this website.

Visit the Membership section of this site to find out more advantages of becoming a Better Marriages Australia member couple and, if you wish, to pay your membership fee online through this site before registering for the conference.


For those travelling from outside of Sydney there is a wide range of accommodation available in the Hills area of Sydney so you can use use the online accommodation booking provider of your choice to make a booking when you register.

Conference Program

A full program for the day is provided below including  Keynotes and all concurrent workshops.  

8:30 am               Registration begins

9:00 am               Welcome and introductions

9.15 am                 Keynote Presentation 1: Heather and John McAlpine

 “Fostering Friendship, Finding Forgiveness” – Essential Ingredients for Keeping it Real.

10.45 am              Morning Tea

11:30 am               Keynote Presentation 2: Barry and Paula Davis

 “Keeping Intimacy Real in the Seasons of Life” – Spring and Summer

1:15 pm                Lunch

2:15 pm                Keynote Presentation 3: Barry and Paula Davis

 “Keeping Intimacy Real in the Seasons of Life” – Autumn

3:15 pm                Afternoon Tea

3:45 pm            Afternoon Workshop options

Growing Closer: Deepening Trust and Connection

Explore how to be more courageous in your relationship and create a safer space for vulnerability.  This workshop will refer to the work of Brene Brown to explore how to be more courageous in your relationship and create a safer place for vulnerability.  Brene has published a number of bestselling books based on her research and recently released the Netflix Special: The Call to Courage.  Glenda will draw on her learning from completing Vulnerability, Courage, Shame and Empathy:  The Living Brave Course and other training with Brene Brown.

Glenda & Simon Devlin


Knowing Me, Knowing You – Skills for Keeping our Conversations Real

Exploring conversation skills that help us be more self aware and to better disclose our feelings to each other.

Paul & Noeline Drayton


 Family of Origin:‘Doing Marriage in Real Time.’

Addressing the past, in the present, to help build a better future

Anne & Rob Willis


 Elevate your Marriage Wellbeing

Fertilise your marriage by learning new patterns of communicating with each other. Practise ways of gaining deeper emotional connection through truly hearing each other. Discover your emotional allergies so you can be a team in helping each other to heal and grow.

Heather & John McAlpine


Let’s get Real about Growing our Marriage because it’s not just going to ‘happen’

Many marriages end up where they don’t want to be because people ignore the necessity of growing as an individual and as a couple.  Marriages don’t grow simply because we get older. Growth needs to be desired, demanded and intentional.

Sanaa & Sam Labib

5:45 pm               AGM

6:30 pm                Candlelight Dinner 

Celebrating our marriages


8:00 pm              Close.