The 4 predictors of divorce….30 years research with 94% accuracy

Heather McAlpine, is currently presenting a series of video sessions on Facebook entitled “Elevate your Wellbeing, Contagious Care”.  Heather is a Relationship Therapist, Supervisor, Consultant and International best selling author.  She and husband John are the Chair Couple of Better marriages Australia and have extensive experience as a Marriage Enrichment Leader couple.

Photo of Heather McAlpine and the course she is presenting

In this series Heather particularly  focuses on elevating our wellbeing during this time of Covid isolation, but the principles, tips and strategies she shares are relevant to individuals and couples at any time.

If you haven’t already subscribed to Heather’s facebook series you can view the videos of the completed videos on Youtube.

In Session 5 of this series Heather references  the work of Marriage researcher John Gottman in sharing his 4 predictors of divorce based on 30 years of studying couples.

In  Session 6 Heather shares The 4 antidotes to the 4 predictors of divorce.

Both of these videos are particularly helpful for couples, so we warmly recommend them to you, but once you view these sessions why not check our others in the series.

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